Here is a 2 x 2-meter square pop up physical space, built to hold my own Degree Show on my driveway in Kingston Upon Thames. A note from my research log to elaborate: 'I have been stuck here. It matters that it's on my driveway because I have been stuck here. Here is where I can be.'. The idea is a response to Covid-19, I have had to consider each design and practical decision with restrictions and GOV guidelines at the forefront. I am pushing the boundaries of the Art Institution and the Gallery. Raising the question; Why do institutions hold all the power? With the lack of high brow Institutions and galleries over this time. I have questioned why these places hold such a high ranking in the Art world and why as soon-to-be graduates we strive for success and approval from the institutions in our careers. And how as young Artists we can shape and change the Art world to work to our benefit. The concept of this project is to create a gallery-like space that is accessible to emerging Artists, to showcase their work. Providing a physical space, private view, an audience, collaboration, an addition for the Artist CV and professional images for the Artist portfolio. The future of this space entails Open Calls for Exhibitions from Creatives and Artists; the first Open Call is for a series of exhibitions that will be aimed at recent graduates that have not had the opportunity for a physical show from 2020 and 2021. If you would like to get involved with this project please get in contact. Instagram - @artistspace.here